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Raw material medicine industry need to turn the crisis into opportunities in the game

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Abstract: in today's international trade policy increasingly complex environment, the European Union to prevent counterfeit drugs into the regular sales channels for increased import drug qualityregulatory threshold, this doctrine most affected by raw material medicine industry in China,including through the EU GMP certification enterprises.

It is understood, from July last year, with the raw material drug shipment EU, outside the EUexporters must provide the certificate with the local pipe inspection institutions letter way. The only exception is: export country has been granted by the European Union. However, so far, no countries are exempt from the requirements issued by the letter, although Switzerland, Israel,Australia and Singapore have been required to obtain exemption.

It is reported, in our country to encourage pharmaceutical innovation policy support,pharmaceutical companies have to strengthen imitational innovation ability construction,sustainable development China API industry advantages and opportunities have been opened, not only in technology, quality, into the bulk raw material and parts of the characteristics of raw materials on the level and the size of the market and share in the global front row, but also in the pharmaceutical production and quality assurance system capacity improvement.

The API international marketing no export certification is absolutely out of the question, but to obtain export certification is not a panacea. API export must adhere to the market marketing roadto international norms, with strong competitive strength with each pass, rely on high standards ofquality, high level of quality management and excellent brand image of enterprises to win market recognition and respect of the importing country.

The two China EU pharmaceutical market to establish a broad, mutual benefit and upstream and downstream trade relations, has provided the basis for cooperation must think of each other as thepharmaceutical enterprises to solve the new problems in the development of rational, if can actively through the government, industry associations to promote the cooperation andcommunication of pharmaceutical enterprise competitiveness, believe Chinese pharmaceutical industry will be further increase in exports to the EU in the game.

The European Union this statute, while increasing the domestic pharmaceutical enterprisesinternationalization management cost, on the other hand, but also for the domestic pharmaceuticalenterprises to further improve the system level and a higher goal to ensure production quality.Although some "harsh", but as long as the positive response, take the initiative, or "trapped as themachine".

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