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Raw material medicine industry to a higher level is the trend of the times

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Introduction: pharmaceutical raw material industry of our country in recent years, very rapid development momentum, pharmaceutical raw material medicine into the international has been thedirection of our efforts. But in recent years, due to the influence of various factors, the development of China's increasing pressure API, upgrading and transformation has become the industry the only way which must be passed.

In recent years, raw material medicine industry has continued to develop, but also by the rising prices of raw materials, shorten the delivery period, there are many factors influencing theexchange rate of RMB appreciation, the cost pressure is also increasing.

In addition, energy prices, transportation costs increase, also pushed up the export cost; exchange rate risk underlines the euro zone trade; traditional staple variety generally face rising costs andexcess capacity. Therefore, in order to to high value-added small breeds and patent blockbustervarieties, to new market demands for the characteristics of the higher level steering, inevitable is the new trend of chemical raw materials to the preparation field.

Raw material medicine industry to a higher level is the trend of the times

One of the characteristics China bulk drug intermediates of exports are some exclusive resources,raw materials prices continue to go up; on the other hand, is also the advantage of raw material drug China exclusive, change because of domestic production capacity is too high or excessive competition caused by industrial structure, caused by the export price decline or shrinking turnover.

In recent years, the basic drugs and pharmaceutical insurance drug promotion, expand thedomestic market the drug, but also intensified the pharmaceutical market competition, overcapacityphenomenon. Therefore, the sense of urgency to domestic bulk drug intermediates as the main business of outward expansion of the more intense.

In recent years, vitamin C market cycles is the development of Chinese raw material medicineindustry in microcosm. After the rapid development after 30 years of scale effect driven, raw material medicine industry faced to the healthy development of the test. The pharmaceuticalindustry in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" clearly pointed out, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the development of proposition chemical raw material medicine in response to the new situation, it is necessary to highlight a key, foster a batch of bibcock, drive an industry structural adjustment and upgrade. This requires the raw material drug production enterprises of our country must be accurate positioning, clear look at the relationship between competitors.

Therefore, to promote the healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry, to rely on innovation, adhere to innovation, speed up the development of bio medicine, materials andequipment. Industry needs continuous efforts, to achieve China's pharmaceutical industry transformation and upgrading, and realize the great leap forward development.

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