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Quality assurance commitment

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Quality assurance commitment

The main body of responsibility for the implementation of the pharmaceutical production enterprise, the strengthened enterprise first responsibility consciousness, to ensure the safety of medicines, my company's public commitment is as follows:

The drug administration, strictly abide by the laws and regulations, to implement the drug production quality management standard.

Second, establish and improve the drug quality management system, and we will diligently follow the accountability system for all levels of personnel quality, the participation of pharmaceutical production quality control.

Third, adhere to the \"honest and trustworthy\" principle, in strict accordance with the approved registration process drug production, strengthen the awareness of quality risk management, continue to reduce the risk of product quality.

Four, strictly implement the quality system of \"veto\", make sure there are no raw materials from the factory without supplier evaluation unqualified raw materials is not put into production, unqualified products into the next working procedure, unqualified finished goods factory.

Five, establish and improve the drug quality traceability system to ensure traceability system effective operation.

Sixth, strengthen the quality of medicines are sold tracking, efforts to reduce the quality risk in the process of drug transport and use, to ensure clients' interests.

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